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I founded JN2 FocusFit in 2005 to answer to the rising progress of obesity and its related illnesses. High intensity workout like Beachbody Insanity and LesMills programs were classes I was teaching. Getting results for me and my clients in pursuit of that skinny body was a must. Through the years, the company went through different format but it is after I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease in 2017 that it became clear for me that my idea of been fit and healthy completely shift. I turned to classes like yoga and pilates to help me manage my new condition. Wellness, happiness, fun and especially creating a pain free life for myself had became paramount. Today, this is the kind of fitness I want to share.



Jackee Nya Nkuinji

Founder & Owner

My Mission

Focus on YOU becoming the healthiest you can be, and accept the beautiful being you already are

My Values

I want each individual experiencing my classes to feel welcome into a fun, friendly and open minded group

I want to challenge my participants so they can reach a new awareness of their potential while providing support on their journey

Our Vision

Creating inspirational stories one person at the time and reach the ultimate... Bollocks! I can't do this anymore. Girl Just Want To Have Fun. Come and joint already !!!

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